Cars that the opposite sex consider attractive

There was a recent survey done on that determined which cars women like having their men drive. Here are the top 5 types of cars:

eharmony mobile app1. Pickup trucks (32 percent)
2. Sports cars (27 percent)
3. SUVs (16 percent)
4. Sedans (11 percent)
5. Hybrid or electric (9 percent)

On the other hand, men preferred to have women drive the following types of cars:

1. Sports car (39 percent)
2. Sedan (22 percent)
3. SUV (20 percent)
4. Pickup truck (10 percent)
5. Hybrid or electric (6 percent)

While the list is interesting, I find it somewhat disappointing that Pickups and Sports cars are the most preferred vehicles. Both burn a lot of gas and are not exactly the most fuel efficient vehicles out there. A while back, I read an article about how many women are starting to prefer men driving hybrids since it shows environmental consciousness. But according to this survey, that number is only 9 percent.

Nevertheless, this list is very handy for anyone who is single. Maybe if you are engaged in Internet dating, you can include a photo of yourself in a pickup or sports car to add some extra appeal to your profile (Both and Eharmony allow you to post multiple photos in your dating profile, so why not?). Although you’d never want somebody to date you simply because of your car, a photo showing you in a nice car will definitely make you stand out among the competition. Who wouldn’t love to go on a first date where they get to ride in a car they dream of? If you want to try online dating, then I recommend checking out or Eharmony. You can get a free trial of Eharmony at



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