Printing for your automotive business

I have some friends who run automotive repair shops and body shops, and they tell me one of the major ways they promote their business is by mailing coupons and other offers to nearby residents. Unfortunately, this kind of mailing campaign can also be quite expensive. Since I work on the Internet, they asked me if there are ways they can promote their auto businesses more cheaply. couponsOf course, I suggested the standard things like having a good website and doing some basic SEO. But what surprised them was that I had a suggestion for their printing as well. Instead of using local printing businesses, I suggested they start having their promotional materials printed by online printing businesses like PsPrint. When I showed them the website, they were surprised at how much they could save by using PsPrint instead of their current printing vendor, which shall remain unnamed. To top it off, I also showed them PsPrint coupons they can get online from sites like and Such coupons give additional discounts of 10% or more. All said, my friends running automotive businesses were in a position to save hundreds of dollars for each future mailing they would do. If you want to get the same PsPrint online discounts from the coupons I gave my friends, then just follow this URL link:

Anyone who’s run their own business knows it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Cutting expenses while simultaneously maintaining high service is the name of the game. I’m happy I was able to show my friends a way to cut costs and still deliver mailings with the same printing quality they are accustomed to.

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